Kyoto things to do

Hi, I’m Mr. Kampai, Seigo!

Today, I recommend you things to do in Kyoto.


1.Kiyomizu dera (清水寺)

2.Fushimi inari (伏見稲荷)

No.1 spot on TripAdvisor in Japan!

3.Arashi yama (嵐山)

4.Kin kaku ji (金閣寺)

5.Nijyo jyou(二条城)

6.Gion (祇園)

Gion is the area where located near Gion Shijyo station on Keihan line.
I like night time. It’s so beautiful.
If you are luckey, you can meet Maiko girl with traditional make up and clothes.


Kyoto had been capital from 794 to 1868 in Japan.
Wow, It’s about 1,200 years!


We have a sake tasting tour in Kyoto and Kobe!
Let’s enjoy many variety of sake over 20 cups!
Some guide has certification of sake sommelier.

If you want to join us, please ask us feel free!