Mt.Rokko hiking and relax at the Arima hot spring!

On Sunday, we went to Mt. Rokko for hiking and Arima to experience an onsen!

Started the day at 10:00 AM from JR Ashiyagawa station.



We walked through Ashiya area which is where the rich people live , this area is like the Beverly hills of Japan!

Before we started, our guide of the day, Kenji, briefed us through a special map designed for hikers.

Mt. Rokko is close to the train station, a good hike for beginners. So if you’re new to hiking, join us on a small adventure.

Across the river, clinging on rocks and having lunch in the forest. It’s  close to Osaka and the commute by train is only

30 minutes away from Osaka Station.

Since it is the fall season, it is the perfect timing to go see the leaves changing color! It was a stunning view!

This is something you must experience in Japan.

After climbing for 4 hours, we enjoyed the view of Kobe and Osaka.

Did you know? Mt. Rokko is 931 meters! Quite the hike!

We walked down the mountain for an hour and half and finally reached Arima hot spring.


Arima hot spring is historically famous for healing soldiers in the 1500s, general Hideyoshi Toyotomi loved to come

here, as well.

Arima is well known for their hot spring down in the Kansai area! Many working men come here from the city after work

to relax. Therefore we had to check it out!

In Arima, you will most likely find two types of hot springs. Gold or Silver.

Funnily enough, although it is called “gold water”, the colour is brown, it’s much saltier than sea water and keeps you

warm from the core by creating a thin film on your skin. Kind of like sea water it has healthy components to help

promote a healthy immune system. Thus, rejuvenating your body and soul.

Silver water has no color and no smell, it is drinkable and promotes appetite. If you’re not fond of smells and you’re iffy

about brown water, we definitely recommend this one. The hot water is very relaxing on it’s own. Relieves any muscle

aches. Not a bad choice!

We went to an onsen that had both, just to compare. Good location, great staff. More of a local spot for that authentic

Japanese feel.

We can also come here by car, which would be much faster but the train works just as well. The onsen is a 10-15

minute walk from central Arima. Onsen’s are a must when you visit Japan. Almost like bathing in heaven.

After enjoying the onsen, we cooled down by grabbing a cold beer in a local bar before heading back to Osaka.

Can’t think of a better way to end our trip.

Because it was a special experience for us, we’d like for you to join us next time to experience the same thing.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!