Upcoming Events

X’mas party Tabicco&EnglishForOsaka -クリスマスパーティ in シェアハウス! (日本語は下に記載しています) Merry Christmas! There is not much time left until 2018! Thank you for coming to our events this year. We have an X’mas party with Tabicco share house! The Tabicco members are very friendly. Everyone is welcome to join us. Let’s cook dinner and exchange presents! Let’s join together and share stories! Everyone has a story to tell! Looking forward to meet you! Seigo Any problems, please call Seigo on 080-7045-8365, LINE ID : seigo871207 【Details】 Date: Saturday 16th December Area: Osaka Settsu city Place : Share house tabicco Adress : Senrioka higashi 5-17-8, Settsu city Access: 12 min. walk from JR Senrioka […]

Mt.Rokko hiking and relax at the Arima hot spring!

On Sunday, we went to Mt. Rokko for hiking and Arima to experience an onsen! Started the day at 10:00 AM from JR Ashiyagawa station.      We walked through Ashiya area which is where the rich people live , this area is like the Beverly hills of Japan! Before we started, our guide of the day, Kenji, briefed us through a special map designed for hikers. Mt. Rokko is close to the train station, a good hike for beginners. So if you’re new to hiking, join us on a small adventure. Across the river, clinging on rocks and having lunch in the forest. It’s  close to Osaka and […]

Afternoon tea

Apart from the bustle of the city, enjoy the British afternoon tea. We tasted a variety of authentic British tea and we made origami paper bunting. After decorating the room, we enjoy talking with sandwiches, scones and cookies. We felt like we were British! アフタヌーン・ティーにご参加いただきありがとうございました。 街の喧騒から離れて、英国のアフタヌーンティーを楽しみました。 本格的な英国の紅茶を複数テイスティングしたあとは、折り紙でバンティングを作りました。 部屋の飾りつけをした後は、サンドイッチ、スコーン、クッキーを味わいながらのんびりおしゃべりをします。 これであなたもイギリス人です。      



Thank you all for coming to the Halloween event! Great turn out and everyone had great fun! We will keep you informed about the next few events, see you all soon!   ハロウィーンイベントに来てくれてありがとうございました!順調にいき、みんなすごく楽しめました!次のイベントについてまたお知らせします。すぐにお会いしましょう!